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Erik Thurman

Comics Journalist

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Asia: Voices of our Generation

Comics Journalism; 128 pages

The 21st century has birthed a new era of

Young people, from the Arab Spring in Tunisia, to Occupy Wall Street in the USA, were beginning to overthrown past establishments that were once thought impenetrable. History was writing a new story despite the failings of the past older generation.

But they weren't the only ones inspired


Reeling from the disasters of the financial crisis that struck Asia throughout the 1990s, who are ushering in their own change, but are often underrepresented in global news.


In this collection of Erik Thurman's best comics journalism and graphic memoir since he set out to Asia in 2011--the same year Occupy Wall Street erupted in Zuti Park-- comes stories of modern day slavery, government surveillance, global warming, ethnic genocide, and mass incarceration, reaching out through the entire Asian super continent. The book also includes never-before-seen published work of Thurman's life in the Philippines and South Korea.

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