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Seoul Grind

With over 50 million people, Korea is becoming a huge market for everyone's favorite liquid encouragement.

South Korea, 2012.

Umbrella Blackout

Hong Kong’s protest movement lives on, hounded by government suppression and censorship.

Hong Kong, 2014.

Myanmar's Rohingya


Why a national hero is ignoring an international crisis.

Burma, 2016.


A Debt-To-Slave Pipeline is Building You a World Cup Stadium

The 2022 tournament in Qatar has placed a spotlight on the brutal working conditions of migrant laborers.

Qatar, 2014.

Escaping North Korea,

by the Numbers

How much does it cost to leave one of the most authoritarian countries on the planet? An analysis.

North Korea, 2016.

Seven Hours to Kill

What happens when you let loose a cartoonist with a pen, a sketchbook, and a seven hour layover in Taipei?

Taiwan, 2011.

The Barriers to Higher Education

A open letter to the California State University system over rising tuition and questionable construction projects.

United States, 2011.

What Haunts Us

The Japanese attack on Nanjing devastated the Middle Kingdom for generations.

China, 2011.

Cat and Mouse

A short storytelling exercise pulled from the renowned Scott McCloud's "Making Comics."

Fictional, 2011.

Erik Thurman

Comics Journalist

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