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Go to where the silence is. --Amy GoodmanDemocracy Now!


Erik Thurman is an award-winning author/illustrator who specializes in comics journalism and nonfiction comics about current events in Asia and North/South America, with a focus on education, migration, and human rights. He is currently based in Santiago, Chile. Some of his past clients include the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism, UNHCR, The Nib, the International Research Group on Authoritarianism and Counter-Strategies (IRGAC), Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, The Intercept Brasil, Splinter News, Korea Expose, and Drawing the Times, and his work was featured in the Eisner-nominated anthology, Eat Your Comics


In the past, Erik has investigated political kidnappings of university students in the Philippines, covered economic inequality and demonstrations in China, worked as a teacher in a South Korean orphanage to illuminate child abuse in neoliberal education, reported on migrant labor abuse and modern-day slavery in Qatar and India, went undercover to research human rights violations perpetuated by a multinational mining corporation in Latin America, and investigated the military cover-up of an assassination of an indigenous activist in the southern conflict zone of Chile.


He has also been shortlisted for a Reportager Award in the past for his work researching neoliberal policies in global education with his graphic memoir, The American Immigrant

Feel free to reach out: www.erikthurmanblog (at) yahoo (dot) com

Represented by Nicolas Grivel of the Nicolas Grivel Agency.

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Internationally Published and Distributed Works 

2024                  Not 30 Pesos, 30 Years, included in the collection "A Global Visual Handbook of Anti-Authoritarian Counterstrategies." In collaboration                               with Rosa-Luxemburg StiftungInternational Research Group on Authoritarianism and Counter-Strategies (IRGAC) and 

                           kollektiv orangotango. Germany

2019                  Illustration for Handbook on Children Affected by the Foreign-Fighter Phenomenon: Ensuring a Child Rights-Based Approach, United                                  Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism, New York

2019                  Card art for the Mythical & Fantastic Creatures Playing Card Set, Santiago de Chile.

2019                  Betsy DeVos’ ‘School Choice’ Movement Isn’t Social Justice. It’s a Return to Segregation, included in the collection ¿Educación? ¿QUÉ                                    EDUCACIÓN? by Adam Bessie, MORATA. Madrid, Spain

2018                  Illustration for Handbook on Human Rights and Screening in Border Security and Management, United Nations Office of Counter-                                      Terrorism, New York

2018                  Illustration and design for Pocketbook on Human Rights and Screening in Border Security and Management, United Nations Office of                                Counter-Terrorism, New York

2018                  Disaster Capitalism, included in the anthology "Now is the Time for Monsters," World War 3 Illustrated. New York, NY

2017                  Illustration for Undocumented: Architecture of Migrant Detention, Ad Astra Comix, Canada

2017                  There is no “F” in Korean, self-published comic

2016                  The Intellectual Ramblings of Samuel Flower, self-published comic

2015                  Umbrella Blackout: China’s War on Digital Activism, entry for the anthology Eat More Comics, The Nib, Portland, Oregon

2014                  Illustration for Grassroot Comics, World Comics. Delhi, India.

2013                  Seoul Grind, entry for the anthology The Cartoon Picayune (Issue #5), Washington DC

2012                  What Haunts Us, entry for the anthology Uncanny Mysteries, 8th Wonder Press. Denver, Colorado

2012                  The Barriers to Higher Education, entry for the literary journal Reed Magazine (Volume #65). San Jose, California

2011                  Seven Hours to Kill, entry for the literary journal 5x5, Tacoma, Washington


The Nib

The Intercept Brasil

Fusion / Splinter News

The Guardian

Drawing the Times

Korea Expose



2022                   Background artist for the animated series Papa and Boy. Means TV. Srsly Wrong Animation.


Media Appearances and Interviews

2023                   Creators on Comics: Episode 21

2022                   Comics Unscripted Podcast: Episode 27

2021                   From Fine Art to Non-Fiction Comics. Graphic Opinions

2019                   De las únicas personas que he sentido miedo ha sido de Carabineros. The Clinic

2019                   Comics journalism: Q+A with Erik Thurman. The Brass Glass

Awards and Nominations 

2021                   Grant; Mentorship from Julia Breckenreid provided by a generous grant from Koyama Provides (Koyama Press) for the purpose of                                       constructing a pitch package for the graphic memoir, The American Immigrant.

2017                   Award; Best Online Media/General feature, The New York Association of Black Journalists’ Awards Competition. New York, NY

2016                   Nominated; included in the Eisner-nominated Eat Your Comics for "Best Anthology"

2015                   Shortlist; Reportager Award for graphic journalism, The University of the West of England. Bristol, United Kingdom

Professional Organizations, Collectives, and Art Spaces

2022-Present    The Historical Comics Collective

2017-19              Creative Dream Space (Chile)

2016-17              Jankura Art Space / 잔쿠라 (South Korea)

2015-Present    The Authors' Guild (US)

Exhibitions, Collections and Presentations 

2017                   Amadora BD Festival, 28th International Festival featuring Comics Reportage, Amadora, Portugal

2017                   Jankura Art Space, Documenting the North Korean Refugee Crisis, Seoul, South Korea

2012                   봉화산 커피 (Bonghwasan Coffee), 아메리카노 (Americano), Seoul, South Korea

2010                   Borders, San Jose, CA

2009                   Works, San Jose, CA

2009                   San Jose State University, Animation/Illustration Gallery, San Jose, CA

2008                   Trewin’s Framery and Art Gallery, Modesto, CA

2008                   Wanderlust Coffee Company, Modesto, CA

2008                   The Queen Bean Coffee Shop, Modesto, CA

2008                   Modesto State Theater, Modesto, CA

2008                   The Mistlin Gallery, The Member’s Show, Modesto, CA

2008                   Riverdance Farms, The Pick and Gather, Livingston, CA

2008                   Modesto Junior College, The Celebration of Humanities Show, Modesto, CA

2007                   Downtown Modesto, The Modesto Art and Wine Festival, Modesto, CA

2007                   Modesto Junior College, The Celebration of Humanities Show, Modesto, CA

Teaching Experience 

2021-Present     Instructor of English as a Second Language, University of Chile, Santiago Centro, Región Metropolitana, Chile

2017-18              Instructor of English as a Foreign Language, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Santiago Centro, Región Metropolitana, Chile

2016-17              Instructor of English as a Foreign Language, Deungma Elementary School, Gangseo-gu, Seoul-si, South Korea

2015                    Instructor of English as a Foreign Language, Geumgang University, Nonsan-si, Chungcheonnam-do, South Korea

2103-15              Instructor of English as a Foreign Language, Aloysius Elementary School and Orphanage, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul-si, South Korea

2011-12              Instructor of English as a Foreign Language, Taereung High School, Jungnang-gu, Seoul-si, South Korea

2009-11              Instructor of Art, Caduang Tete National High School, Macabebe, Pampanga, Philippines

All Contents © 2016 Erik Thurman  

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