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Myanmar's Rohingya


-The Nib-

Why a national hero is ignoring an international crisis.

Rakhine State, Burma (Myanmar)

August 2016

Umbrella Blackout

-The Nib-

Hong Kong’s protest movement lives on, hounded by government suppression and censorship.

Hong Kong, China

February 2015

A Debt-To-Slave Pipeline is Building You a World Cup Stadium

-The Nib-

The 2022 tournament in Qatar has placed a spotlight on the brutal working conditions of migrant laborers.

Doha, Qatar

July 2014

Seoul Grind

-The Cartoon Picayune-

With over 50 million people, Korea is becoming a huge market for everyone's favorite liquid encouragement.

Seoul, South Korea

June 2013

The Barriers to Higher Education

-Reed Magazine-

A open letter to the California State University system over rising tuition and questionable construction projects.

San Jose, California. USA

May 2012

What Haunts Us

-Uncanny Adventures-

The Japanese attack on Nanjing devastated the Middle Kingdom for generations.

Nanjing, China

May 2012

Cat and Mouse


A short storytelling exercise pulled from the renowned Scott McCloud's "Making Comics."


April 2011

Seven Hours to Kill


What happens when you let loose a cartoonist with a pen, a sketchbook, and a seven hour layover in Taipei?

Taipei, Taiwan

October 2011

Meanwhile in Korea...

-The Nib-

A scandal involving a cult leader and the president that is so bizarre that it puts America to shame.

Seoul, South Korea

November 2016

There is no "F" in Korean

Part 1 / Part 2

-The Korea Exposé / Tapastic-

Institutionalized sexism, misogyny, and the feminism movement changing South Korea.

Seoul, South Korea

November 2016

The New Jim Crow


Betsy DeVos' 'school choice' movement isn't social justice. It's a return to segregation.

New Orleans, Louisiana. USA

May 2017

Leaving North Korea

-The Nib-

With the cost to defect tripling, fleeing the hermit kingdom just isn’t what it used to be.

Hamgyeongnam-do, North Korea

March 2017

Duterte Declares Martial Law

-The Nib-

The Philippines may be about to slip back into a repeat of the dark history of the Marcos era.

Marawi City, Philippines

May 2017

GMOs Are Helping to Make an Agricultural Crisis in India 

-The Nib- / -The Intercept-

Multinational corporations are making a killing off the agricultural patent system.

Madhya Pradesh, India

August 2017

It Was The Worst Of Times

-The Nib-

My send-off to 2017, which saw the Trump administration double down on threats of nuclear war in Korea.

Seoul, South Korea

December 2017

Five Cartoonists on Guns

-The Nib-

My response to continued gun violence in the US from a perspective as a military veteran and as a journalist.

Las Vegas, Nevada. USA

December 2017

Genocide in Myanmar, Right Under the World’s Nose

-The Nib-

New evidence shows the military junta’s actions to ethnically cleanse the Rohingya.

Rakhine State, Burma (Myanmar)

February 2018

“We Are At War”

-The Nib-

Scenes from the ground in Chile, where people are trying to remove the makings of a new dictatorship.

Santiago, Chile

October 2019


Indigenous Activists are Being Assassinated in Chile and Argentina

-The Nib-

A recent murder committed by Chile's Jungle Commando resurfaces pain in the Mapuche community.

Araucania Region, Chile

March 2019

Vultures of Disaster Capitalism

-World War 3 Illustrated-

Venture capitalists descend upon Puerto Rico after Hurricane Marina, ready to privatize the entire island.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

December 2018

Keep Hustling: Gig Economy

-The Nib-

A piece about contractual labor from the perspective of teachers and workers in Latin America.

Santiago, Chile

July 2019


The Struggle isn't Over

-The Nib-

We are in the middle of a coup. Use the word. Become familiar with it. Aftermath of the 2020 US elections.

Washington D.C., US

November 2020

Not 30 Pesos, 30 Years

-Beyond Molotovs-

(link to the collection)

How song, sewing, and the arts were used to create an opportunity for a post-dictatorship constitution.

Santiago, Chile

April 2024

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